Andria  L. Ford, MD, MSCI

Andria L. Ford, MD, MSCI

Professor of Neurology, Radiology
Section Head, Cerebrovascular Disease Section
Director, ED Acute Stroke Service
Director, Stroke Patient Access Core
Co-Director, Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center
Co-Director, BJC Stroke Clinical Program
Barnes-Jewish Hospital-Washington University School of Medicine

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Andria Ford is a Professor of Neurology and Radiology and Section Head for the Stroke Center.  She received her undergraduate degree from Duke University in Biomedical Engineering and her medical degree from the University of Oklahoma. After medical school, she completed a Neurology residency and Vascular Neurology Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. She then completed a research fellowship in stroke followed by a Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation.  She specializes in acute stroke management, stroke in young adults, aging-related and inherited forms of cerebral small vessel disease and neurological impairment in sickle cell disease.  She directs the Stroke Patient Access Core (SPAC) which oversees participant enrollment into numerous stroke clinical trials conducted at BJH-Washington University School of Medicine.  She is a principal investigator in NIH-funded clinical and translational research studies to help understand, treat and prevent stroke.

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