Telestroke is an ever-growing service we offer. Our Telestroke program goes hand-in-hand with our HASTE team, acting as the external branch of our ability to perform consultations for stroke in the emergent setting.

In cases of acute stroke, patients are necessarily directed to their closest emergency department. In many of these cases, the treating emergency physician will then contact us to help guide the emergent evaluation and care of these stroke patients. We are even able to join a HIPPA-compliant, Zoom-like video call to speak with and examine the patient when needed.

As always, time is brain in acute stroke care. Through our Telestroke program, we are able to help our many physician colleagues with faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment of stroke. We are proud to extend the same level of care and attention to detail offered to patients who initially presented to Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

We contract with multiple hospitals in the Saint Louis Metro area, greater Missouri and Southwestern Illinois. If you’re interested in learning more about joining the WashU Telestroke network, contact Jill Newgent at