Strokes can leave a patient with difficulties in their vision, speech, memory, movement and balance. Issues such as weakness on one side of the body may persist, requiring patients to relearn how to perform some basic functions and activities of everyday living. Ongoing rehabilitation is one of the cornerstones of recovery following a stroke. It aims to help restore or compensate for these difficulties. As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, we work closely with colleagues in neurorehabilitation to aid our patients in their recovery journeys following a stroke.

Evaluation for each patient’s neurorehabilitation needs starts at the very beginning of their hospitalization. In fact, we employ a multidisciplinary team that includes providers from Stroke Neurology, Physiatry, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy and Social Work to help identify the best course of rehabilitation for each patient. The result is an individualized rehabilitation plan that continues with a patient even after their discharge from the hospital and return home. 

For trainees with an interest in neurorehabilitation, please visit the Department of Neurology’s Neurorehabilitation fellowship page.