The hyperacute stroke treatment team (HASTE) is a dedicated core of physicians run by one of our stroke specialists. We respond to emergent internal consultations at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. We help perform emergent and accurate history and physical examinations of acute stroke patients. This allows us to make an informed diagnosis and when appropriate, offer the most current, evidence-based treatments for acute stroke care to help minimize a patient’s long-term morbidity and even mortality.

Stroke can happen at any time without warning. Our HASTE team primarily responds to consultations in the BJH Emergency Department. We, also, exist ready to respond at a moment’s notice to an emergent call for help anywhere in the hospital.

Where the HASTE team is the internal branch of our acute stroke care at BJH, please see the Telestroke Clinical Services page for more information related to our Telestroke program — the external branch of our emergent stroke evaluation and care team.