Saad Karim, MD

Hometown: Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan
Medical School: Ziauddin Medical College, Karachi
Residency: Saint Louis University Hospital

When did you first become interested in Neurology?

Everything is connected in myriad ways. This is no more apparent than in studying the inner workings of human brain. I always found myself to be very fascinated with Neurology due to the complexity of neural pathyways and transmission of essential signals to sustain life. My fascination translated into career choice after I finished my Neurology clerkship in 3rd year of medical school.

How did you become interested in Vascular Neurology?

The subject matter of Neurology was, and still remains the most interesting part of medicine to me. I love figuring out where the problem is, as it is believed that “localize the lesion” question is the heart of Neurology. But perhaps the most important aspect is that I enjoy day to day interactions with patients. I love the optimal experience Vascular Neurology provides when dealing with the patient and suddenly the outside world does not exist, its only me and my patient. You watch every movement they make, subtle changes in sensation, pupil size variations, hear the tenor of their voice as you are totally consumed by their neurological syndrome. I completed my residency at a stroke heavy neurology program which further helped me hone my skills to become a Vascular Neurologist.

What attracted you to Washington University for fellowship training?

Washington University is widely known as one of the pioneers of cerebrovascular care centers in the nation. Fellowship training here was an easy choice for me given the focus and resources spent on acute stroke management.

What are your research interests?

I am interested in studying different biological signals guiding the immune response after an acute ischemic stroke, primarily to minimize inury and augment recovery.

In what direction is your future headed?

I am interested in practicing primarily clinical vascular neurology, with a little mix of general neurology.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

If I had a superpower, it would be being invisible.